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Industrial Union

By clicking "Join the IWW," you are affirming that you are a worker and not an employer, and that you agree to abide to the constitution and regulations of this organization, and to study its principles and acquaint yourself with its purposes.

Why join here?

By signing up through this website or in person with a delegate from our branch, half of your dues will go directly to benefit the New York City IWW General Membership Branch (GMB) and you will be officially recognized as a member of the branch; signing up through the national website will mean all of your dues go to the national organization and you may be looped out of our branch's activity.

If you want to start paying dues directly to our branch instead of national, click here.

If you are not located in or around NYC, look for your local branch or join as an at-large member.

Who can join the IWW?

As long as you are a worker — not an employer — you can join the IWW. Members of other unions (except officers), students, retirees, the unemployed, the self-employed, those in informal professions, and those unable to work may also join. Learn why you should join the IWW.

Choosing an IU

You can choose an Industrial Union based on your current job. If you're not sure what to choose — for example, if you're currently not working or are a student — select "Other," and we'll get in touch with you to figure out an appropriate IU.

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Selecting your dues level

You can select your dues level based on your current monthly income. Your first month as a member will include an initiation fee that is the equivalent of your dues rate. A breakdown of our current dues rate can be found below, as well as on page twenty-six of the IWW's constitution.

Getting your Red Card and stamps

After signing up through this website, you will receive your membership card, or "Red Card," with your first month's stamp and some introductory material in the mail. Every month that your dues are paid online, you will receive a stamp in the mail to place in your Red Card to indicate that you are a member in good standing. If you prefer to receive any of these materials in person at a meeting, contact us.

Coming to meetings

After becoming a member, we encourage you to join us at our monthly branch meetings and other events. Our branch's calendar can be found here. You can also join the IWW in person at any of our branch meetings.

Dues level breakdown

Online dues are processed using PayPal. Read PayPal's privacy policy.